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A Holiday Mesage

December 24, 2012

Hello everyone,Bo BatesDSC4079A

I had planned on taking this space to talk to you about the impact several mentors have had on my life and how thankful I am to have been able to learn from their entrepreneurial spirit and success.  I will save those thoughts for another day.

Right now, I would like to comment on recent events that have affected Evans directly and our entire country.   A little over a month ago, Hurricane Sandy roared up the east coast leaving a path of devastation and destruction.  We all saw the impact of Mother Nature as the waters rose, beaches were breached and entire sections of Staten Island and New York City were flooded.  Many areas are still making a slow recovery today.

Several of our agents were impacted by the storm including Ken Moore in Elizabeth, Tom Sansevere in Kearny, Joe Fiorica in Newark and Gill Mayol, Wally Ramirez, Giovanni Garcia and Victor Quinones in Jersey City.  Each dealt with the wrath of the storm on their business, their independent contractors, their families, neighbors and friends.  All of them are terrific people as well as business men who worked diligently to assist their communities and get their companies back up and running.

The tragedy in Sandy Hook, Connecticut is almost unfathomable.  Innocent children.  Courageous teachers.  Lives lost and families shattered.  The “why” will likely never be answered.  We are all grieving with the Sandy Hook community wondering what we would do in their shoes.  And we watch as people from all over the country are finding ways to reach out to offer support.  The therapy dogs who arrived from Virginia with their calming influence and wagging tails; the man from Los Angeles who called the local coffee shop to pay for anyone who stopped by for a cup; the school children sending their letters; and the folks just offering hugs.  This community will never be the same, but, with time and support, it will begin to heal.

I am reminded that it can be the little things we do that can have the most impact.  In this holiday season especially I hope all of us will take a moment for a “random act of kindness.” Who knows what an impact we all could make?

I wish you a very happy holiday and a wonderful New Year.

See you in 2013.