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Evans Featured in Old Time Trucks Magazine

April 9, 2014

Check out this article in Old Time Trucks Magazine featuring some terrifc shots of Evans Delivery Trucks all the way back to our beginnings in 1939!  Thank you to Michael Lee Wedincamp in Savannah for writing and submitting the article!  

Old Time Trucks Magazine


Thoughts on Entrepreneurs and Success from Bo Bates

March 29, 2013

Hello everyone,Bo BatesDSC4079A

I was recently asked to speak to a group of business folks about Entrepreneurial Success.  We often think of entrepreneurs as being in the right place at the right time with the right big idea.  So of course they will be successful!  But as I prepared my remarks I realized that a key component of entrepreneurial success draws upon the success of others.  By that I mean we observe what other successful people do; see to understand how they think and interact with people; and what kind of attitude they bring to the game every day.   Over the years I have observed a number of incredibly intelligent and talented men and women.  Many of these people have a number of things in common that I would like to share with you.

Each of them surrounded themselves with good people.  Henry Ford said – “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”  Building a cohesive team doesn’t mean everyone agrees all the time, in fact each team member will (and should) bring a different opinion to the group.  The team feeds off of varying perspectives and the debate that ensues.  As Ken Blanchard says “None of us is as smart as all of us.”

Clearly define where you are going and share that vision with everyone.  For years I was in awe of Bert and his ability to “crystal ball” the company’s future.  Did he spend hours doing historical analysis or reviewing business trends?  Of course he is on top of those things, but in the end he simply envisioned the future he wanted for our company in clear and quantifiable terms which were easy to communicate.  The vision itself is what is important.  I have learned that lesson from Bert, one of the most successful people I know.

Stretch your people.  We all have it in us to do our best, but sometimes we have to be encouraged.  We’ve probably all had someone in our lives – a teacher, a coach, a mentor – who understood our potential and pushed us to use it!  When we stop striving, we stop learning, which can be a roadblock to our own and our company’s success.

Finally, every one of the successful entrepreneurs I have known has constantly questioned everything. They seek input from sources outside their own industry and examine processes that would seem to have very little to do with their own company.  Ask why? Ask why not?  Change course when it’s the right thing to do, create a new niche, offer a new product.  There is a saying – “The only person who likes change is a wet baby.”  I would offer that successful people not only embrace change, but see it as a means to explore new opportunities and continue their success.

I welcome your thoughts.



Apply for a Scholarship! Deadline is January 31, 2013

January 21, 2013

Is your son or daughter a senior in high school with plans to attend college or trade school?  Could you use an extra $1000 per year (up to $4,000 total) to help pay the cost of tuition? Apply today for  the Albert L. Evans Sr., Scholarship Certificate!   Here is a link to the details and  a little more about Mr. Evans, Sr.

Contact Sam Bates at 800-456-7885 ext 3214 or by email at  to learn more and apply for the scholarship. Evans awards 4 scholarships to children of drivers, independent contractors, agents and administrative staff.   DON”T DELAY  – the deadline for applications is January 31, 2013!

Scholarship Info 2013


Matthew “Bo” Bates Named President of Evans Network of Companies

December 15, 2011

Matthew “Bo” Bates will assume the role of President of the Evans Network of Companies effective January 1, 2012.  Bates will succeed Albert “Bert” Evans, Jr. who held that position since 1965.  The company was founded by Albert Evans, Sr. in 1939.

In 1988, Matthew “Bo” Bates joined his father-in-law, Albert L. Evans Jr., at Evans Delivery Company the family-owned trucking business. Mr. Bates managed the newly acquired West Motor Freight of PA. At that time West Motor Freight, combined with Evans operated about 200 trucks in the northeastern United States.  In 2002 he was named Executive Vice President of Evans Delivery Company and oversaw the integration of newly acquired Hale Intermodal.  In addition to his role as President of Evans Network of Companies, Bates will also continue to serve as CEO of West Motor Freight of PA and Co-Chairman of DM Transportation Services.

“I am blessed and honored to have led this organization for more than 45 years” stated Bert Evans, “and I am confident that the organization is well positioned to continue to grow and prosper.”  Evans will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board.

Evans Network of Companies is the largest privately owned container drayage specialist in the country.  Growing organically, and through acquisition, the group includes Evans Delivery Company, West Motor Freight, All Points Transport, Hale Intermodal, Land Transportation, Phoenix Transit and Logistics, Century Express, DM Transportation and 562 Terminal Facility Limited Partnerships. The group operates over 1,800 trucks out of 110 service centers and provides transportation and logistics services throughout the United States.  One of the primary focuses of the company is ocean container and domestic container drayage at ports and major rail ramps east of the Rockies.

“Bert created a clear vision for Evans and continually challenged the organization to grow and improve”, commented Bates. “Our management team will continue to lead the organization guided by the ideals that Bert engrained into our culture.”

Bates received a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1984 and holds an MBA from Kent State University (1988.)  He is a Founding Director of The Victory Bank in Limerick, PA, a member of the Bank’s Audit Committee and is Chairman of the ALCO Committee.  He is a member of the Executive Council and Endowment Fund Committee for the Hawk Mountain Council, Boy Scouts of America. He resides in Gilbertsville, PA with his wife Samantha and has two children, Matthew J. Bates, Esq. of Pittsburgh, PA and C. Ryan Bates, Esq. of Pottsville, PA.