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CVSA Annual Roadcheck 2013 – are you ready?

May 31, 2013

June 4-6, 2013

Roadcheck is the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial vehicles in the world, with approximately 14 trucks or buses being inspected, on average, every minute from Canada to Mexico during a 72-hour period in early June. Each year, approximately 10,000 CVSA-certified local, state, provincial and federal inspectors at 1,500 locations across North America perform the truck and bus inspections. CVSA sponsors Roadcheck with participation by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, Transport Canada, and the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (Mexico). Roadcheck is one of a series of activities that occur year round whereby CVSA-certified inspectors conduct compliance, enforcement and educational initiatives targeted at various elements of motor carrier, vehicle, driver and cargo safety and security.

Since its inception in 1988, the roadside inspections conducted during Roadcheck have numbered over 1 Million, resulting in more than 220 lives saved and 4,045 injuries avoided. It has also provided for the distribution of countless pieces of educational literature and safety events to educate industry and the general public about the importance of safe commercial vehicle operations and the roadside inspection program.

For more info click here.  Better yet, review this Roadcheck-Checklist–2013.


Evans Network of Companies Selected For “Top 250 For-Hire Trucking Companies”

May 21, 2013

Top 250 plaqueEvans Network of Companies of Schuylkill Haven, PA has been honored by Commercial Carrier Journal in its selection of “Top 250 For-Hire Trucking Companies.” The special recognition will appear in the August, 2013 issue of Commercial Carrier Journal published by Randall Publishing, Inc.

Kim Lorimer, Vice President of Evans Network of Companies commented on the recognition: “This is quite an honor for us. The fact that Commercial Carrier Journal included Evans Network of Companies in its selection of “Top 250 For-Hire Trucking Companies,” signals that our constant efforts towards business excellence are paying off. We are proud to be included in this recognition.” The company ranked 73rd on the list.

Following the publication of Evans Network of Companies’ selection for Commercial Carrier Journal’s Top 250 For-Hire Trucking Companies list, American Registry seconded the honor and added Evans Network of Companies to the “Registry of Business Excellence.


Suspended CDL = RED FLAG Violation

May 17, 2013

A suspended CDL can lead to a Red Flag Violation. These violations serve almost like a scarlet letter for carriers. Any company that hires a driver with a previous Red Flag violation will likely increase their risk of an audit.  Any driver with a red flag violation will be thoroughly inspected 100% of the time during a D.O.T. Audit. In short, Red Flag violations are to be avoided at all cost… But what does this have to do with me you ask? Have you ever run into one of these situations?

  • Maybe you thought your citation was paid in full, BUT there’s still a small balance due that you are not aware of.
  • Maybe they mailed you a suspension letter, BUT your address had changed; therefore, you never received it.  
  • Maybe you canceled your personal car insurance to change companies, BUT it is showing that you do not have car insurance coverage.
  • Were you behind on your child support payments because of unforeseen circumstances and then got caught up, but the Motor Vehicle Department NEVER received verification that it was satisfied? 

If you answered yes, your license could have been suspended without you knowing it. Please take a few minutes to call the DMV in the state in which you are licensed to check on the status of your license. Learning your license is suspended during a roadside inspection will not pnly bring about possible termination, but it will also follow you for the rest of your career.


New Hours of Service Rules

May 17, 2013

On July 1st 2013 every person driving with a CDL will be subject to new rules in Hours Of Service. The 11 hour rule & 14 hour rule will remain intact and unchanged but additional requirements will be added to your day.

The first rule change states that 8 hours is the longest period of time that can go by without taking a 30 minute off duty break. This break needs to be logged “off duty” so compliance officers can verify that you are following the new regulations. If timed correctly, you will only need one of these breaks to make it to your 14 hour limit.

The second rule change states that you must include two periods between 1 a.m. and 5 a. m. home terminal time when taking your 34 hour reset. For most drivers this is already being done but we highly recommend you take a look at your previous 34 hour breaks to make sure you don’t need to change your schedule to accommodate this change.

Any questions?  Contact the Evans Safety Department –


Hours of Service and PSP/CSA Training

May 17, 2013

Hours of Service Training

As we conduct our monthly log audits, we will alert your terminal that certain drivers may need an Hours of Service refresher. Our Log specialist may be requesting that you attend one of our Hours of Service classes. We hold these classes twice a week (Tuesday, Thursday) at 11 amEastern Time sharp. If you feel that you could benefit from such a class, feel free to call in as well. It’s a great time to review the regulations and ask questions. You can call in from any location to this number:

Dial-in number: (559)546-1200

Meeting ID: 766-398-089


The safety department may approve an applicant with the condition that they attend a CSA / PSP training course. We hold group training sessions three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) at 11 am Eastern sharp for these applicants. These group calls are designed to help you read your PSP report and get a better understanding about CSA. If you feel that you could also benefit from a CSA discussion, please join in on the discussion. You can call in from anywhere to this number:

Dial-in number: (559)546-1200

Meeting ID: 766-398-089


Safety News

May 17, 2013

Hi Everyone,
At the Evans corporate office we are very excited that spring is finally here! The winter coats have been put up for good and the shorts have been dusted off. The improving weather can mean only one thing. More people on the roads and more family trips. More cars, more vacations, more problems. Please drive defensively out there and remember the E.V.A.N.S. Keys (Eliminate Distractions, Vehicle Fitness, Always Buckle Up, Never Speed, Secure Your Freight).
Brent in Safety

Clean Roadside Inspections play a direct roll in both your personal CSA score & Evans’ CSA score too. For every clean level one, two, or three roadside inspection, a contractor’s and company’s Department of Transportation ranking will be be improved in any category that is inspected.

Besides the Benefits of lowering your CSA, we wanted to give our contractors an extra $10 Pilot/Flying J gift Card! Every clean roadside this month.


3 seconds is all it takes…

May 14, 2013

It only takes 3 secs to fasten your seat belt

1)Will save your life

2)Save you from a citation

3)Save you from #CSA unsafe driving pts



May 5, 2013

Over the last three months, we have had our ups and our downs when it comes to unsafe
driving. In March of this year, we had our lowest violation total (5 violations) dating back to June of 2011. In April, we had our violations total increase to eight. In May, they increased again to 12. The trend looks very negative until you put the numbers into perspective. This time last year we had more than double the violations in each month from March – May. So although 12 violations in May of 2013 does not seem like progress, it is a marked improvement from the 24 we received in 2012.

The hard work we all have been putting into getting the word out about Unsafe Driving Violations is paying off dividends in Evans’ CSA Score. Our percentile ranking has dropped in each of the past three months from 82.4% to 75%.

Even though our percentile rankings are dropping, we could be improving at an even greater rate.  We are still being hurt by the easiest violations to avoid. Speeding and seatbelt violations still dominate our Unsafe Driving violations. Over the last three months, speeding and seatbelt violations made up 80% of our Unsafe Driving violations.

By getting every contractor to follow the E.V.A.N.S. Keys we can make our alert status unsafe driving score a thing of the past. Wearing a safety belt and not speeding doesn’t cost anything. It will save a life and prevent an unexpected roadside inspection with Unsafe Driving violations.  Please continue to remind your drivers to Always Buckle Up and to Never Speed.